I spent an hour on the phone earlier in a conference call with James Marple, senior economist with TD Bank. Here are my notes. They’re rough… I haven’t polished them up, but it gives you a pretty decent overview of what he views with regard to deficits, debt, and the current debate. Bullets: Overall: GDP […]


Earlier this week I posed questions about why the Tea Party caucus would stonewall against the interests of their Wall Street masters. I asked the wrong question. The question I should have examined more carefully is what Wall Street masters’ interests are. We’ve been told that defaulting on our debt will be a catastrophe, and […]


I am a proud member of the JFK generation, who grew up with this as my mantra: Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country. Following on my previous post, because I am as human as the next, I am now going to tell you […]