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iPad Musings

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As if there haven’t been enough words written about the iPad today, right? Expect more. It’s difficult to explain what it is that makes it such a pleasure to use, because so much of it is sensory. But beyond that, it’s just incredibly easy. Typing takes much less getting-used to than the iPhone, but if typing isn’t your thing, the Dragon dictate app does a great job of transcribing voice to text. Just copy and paste the text where you want it to go and that’s that.

The NPR app is the first one that I’ve seen where iPad’s native capabilities are fully leveraged. It’s free and worth every commercial they serve. I’m writing this on the wordpress app, which also works on the iPhone, but is far easier on the iPad. The White House site (whitehouse.gov) is optimized for iPad, right down to the live video streams and archives. (more…)

Is AAPL really a lemon?

(voice over) and now a break from politics, while I bring you the sad story of how Apple’s sterling reputation is being tarnished by their own customer service department. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the Dell tree…

Ask anybody and they’ll tell you: Apple is cool. They make cool products. The iPhone rocks. The iPod touch is awesome. We all wait to tune into the new product releases, which are so super-top secret they don’t even broadcast them. Many of us who used to use PCs have switched to Macs and for the most part, are satisfied.

For the most part. And then, there’s Jane. I’ve written about Jane before, because I so want to be her, driving all over the country, writing about it, meeting people, telling their story and telling hers. After Jane’s ancient PC died, a benevolent sponsor gave her a MacBook Pro with Apple Care and his hopes that it would be a trusted tool on her journey.