Insurance and Benefits

To those of you who followed my Caremark rants over the past two years, don’t gasp in shock, but I just got approval for Sticks’ meds after three years of paying for them. I have no idea what’s different today than three years ago, but I’m not lookin’ a gift prior authorization in the mouth. […]


My take on “Sicko”

by Karoli on June 19, 2007 · 111 comments

I’ve posted it on the political blog here.  I hope you’ll read it and pass it along to others.  I cannot say this enough — this is a film with which you may or may not agree, but you will THINK.  And thinking may just be the beginning of a conversation that takes us somewhere. […]


This isn’t a gun control post. Don’t come here and comment on gun control issues because there’s plenty of places out there to do that. This post is about the failure of our mental health system to adequately treat someone who was described in 2005 as “mentally ill and in need of hospitalization, and presents […]