Love That Thing You Do

by Karoli on October 5, 2011 · 240 comments

Three different and completely unrelated events today converged into one theme — how unexpected and arbitrary loss is and how the fallout scatters itself across the landscape in tiny shards, lodging in spots you thought were shielded and covered. It disrupts, alters, shifts realities known into the unknown — a surreal, never-trivial shift like an […]


Post image for Why Snooki should be inflating penile implants and Jane Devin should be paid Snooki’s advance

We all have a story. We all have a quilt. Few of us have one with such complex threads. Jane has that, and much more. She has woven a masterpiece inside 144,000 words (which is about 593 pages in manuscript form), braided with the hands of a master craftswoman. What Jane does not have, however, […]


This reminds me a little of what I remember the beach to be like when I was a kid. Combined with the carnival ride photos, it evokes memories of spending the day at Long Beach with my dad, then going over to Queen’s Park (long gone) for rides on ferris wheels and roller coasters and […]