Ed. Note: This post is by @BlackCanseco, a twitter friend. Follow him, please. Dear Occupy Wall Street, For 45 days and counting most of you have braved weather, media scrutiny, and lately, police opposition to boldly proclaim yourselves “The 99%” and stand up to the 1%. Just one problem: You are not the 99%. Not […]


Love That Thing You Do

by Karoli on October 5, 2011 · 240 comments

Three different and completely unrelated events today converged into one theme — how unexpected and arbitrary loss is and how the fallout scatters itself across the landscape in tiny shards, lodging in spots you thought were shielded and covered. It disrupts, alters, shifts realities known into the unknown — a surreal, never-trivial shift like an […]


DC Douglas, as you might recall, was the Geico voice-over guy who was fired after ranting about the Tea Party’s opposition to health care. He’s been making his own videos since then and while they’re all quite good, this one is definitely his best. From his post: I attended Day 1 of #OccupyLosAngeles on Saturday. […]