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Riot Police Guard Billionaires Against Protesters — in Rancho Mirage

Welcome to Rancho Mirage, California, where David and Charles Koch have convened the latest Billionaires Against the Middle Class Summit. These dangerous people are who police in riot gear have been dispatched to protect:

Common Cause

They’re kind of scary, eh? Well, ok. This one might scare them more:

david dayen - FireDogLake

Andrew Breitbart has evidently caught the fever. It’s been reported that he’s hanging out with the protesters. Too lazy to walk, he’s sporting shorts and rollerblades. Be afraid. In his usual less-than-forthright manner, he claims “internal emails from organizers necessitate riot police.” Mmmhmmm.

Crooks and Liars’ own John Amato is in Rancho Mirage getting video and pictures to share with us. All kidding aside, the meeting they’re protesting is the semi-annual meeting of rich billionaires to plan and coordinate how to best spend their billions electing people who act against the interests of ordinary folks. From repealing the Affordable Care Act to redefining rape, our currently elected House of Representatives is acting in Koch’s best interests.

It might interest those who cheer for Koch’s meddling to know that before they romanced the right, they romanced the left. It’s just that the left saw through the effort and sent them packing.

Here’s a timeline of Charles and David Koch’s meddling in our politics. More about the rally at We might not have the numbers that Egypt has, but the issues are exactly the same. Enriching 2% at the expense of the other 98%, polluting the planet, and stalling progress are human issues. Just not billionaire oil men kind of human issues, or billionaire hedge fund managers’ kind of human issues, or billionaire media moguls’ kind of human issues. Rest assured, the right wing media is inside the room, getting the spin for the next cycle.

Brooke Erdmann

You can read the real time stream, or else follow the hashtag #UncloakKoch on Twitter

Update 2:30pm The local CBS Station in Rancho Mirage is covering it too.

Update:2:40pm David Dayen from FireDogLake estimates the crowd to be about 1500. Here’s a nice shot of them.

David Dayen - FiredogLake