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Wired: Fix Yer Darn Ads!

screenshot of wired ad
Wired News’ ads are rogues. Check out this screenshot (click it for a larger version) and see if you can find anywhere at all on that AT&T ad to close it. (Hint: you won’t). I clicked it twice before getting a clue that it wasn’t going away.

So Wired will get lots of ad clicks and views when people reload the page to make the damn thing go away. I’m using Firefox In general I hate these stupid ads that drop down or follow me around until I click the close button to make them go away, but this is just wrong.

Ironic that it would be on a page where AT&T is one of the ISPs they interviewed about ISP privacy policies. Bye, Wired, until you fix your silly ads. I’d rather read a zillion paid posts from PayPerPost Posties than load one of these evil ads.

Speaking of advertising and PayPerPost [Disclosure: I am a Postie, but this is an unsolicited post], big congratulations are in order for Ted & Co on receiving 7 million in their second round of funding. As usual, Michael Arrington is negative, but Josh Stein of DFJ corrects him straight away. Ted Murphy is a straight shooter who believes wholeheartedly in the PayPerPost business model, is willing to put his money where his mouth is while smiling, and isn’t afraid to be down to earth and silly from time to time.

PayPerPost: 5 out of 5 stars. Wired Magazine: 0 out of 5 stars.

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