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Clash of the Choirs – Lachey vs. LaBelle

Patti LaBelle was robbed, pure and simple. Nick Lachey’s choir was fantastic, no doubt, but they didn’t have the same heart and…dare I say it…soul that Patti’s group did, not to mention amazing, inspiring, incredible soloists. Proof? Backing a superstar diva like Patti LaBelle would send most singers to the back corner to be ignored in favor of the amazing LaBelle, but they held their own and were as much a part of that performance as she was. That choir gave me chills every time they sang.

Also, a note to the producers — Quit taking a show that could easily have been an hour each night and stretching it into two hours. The choirs were loads of fun to watch, but what was the point of the “panel”? And while we’re at it, what was the point of 99% of host Maria’s stupid questions? Those people deserved better than “Who do you want to win?”.

Anyway, congratulations to Nick Lachey, who did a great job of leveraging his own choral background into a win for his charity, and condolences to Patti, who really did deserve the win.

If NBC ever releases clips, don’t miss Lachey’s choir singing “Flight of the Bumblebee” a cappella, or Patti’s choir and Patti singing “Over the Rainbow”. Just amazing.

Still pouting…

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