It’s not personal. Really, it’s not. But I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen people rather petulantly say they are unfollowing those who do not immediately follow back. This post is my explanation for anyone who may be feeling hurt that I did not immediately follow them back today, or yesterday, […]


Serious question: If I added my last name to my first name to this post, would it somehow change how you view what I write? My speculative answer: No, it would make no difference. In fact, it might confuse some of you, especially if I used one of my two commonly-used last names, maiden and […]


Over the past few days an extraordinary thing has happened online. A small group of people have resolved to try to make a difference by designing and submitting a suggestion for how to capture the oil spilling into the Gulf with a chimney-like duct placed over the LMRP. It’s elegant and maybe it’s even possible, […]